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Never stop improving – to our friends at HelpCenter it’s not only a simple phrase, it’s something they keep doing every single day. Started as an intuitive tool for building well-structured, informative FAQ page, HelpCenter’s feature list has later been improved with a user-friendly help desk ticketing system and a live chat for an even better customer experience.

Now, the HelpCenter app can help online businesses stay accessible at all times, answer customers' questions in advance, reduce communication challenges, and boost customer support time efficiency. Serving multiple purposes with a single solution? Check!

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Working with shipments is challenging enough to also deal with tons of recurring order status questions from your customers. That’s why our friends at Trackr took a lead on this issue and created a solution that allows buyers to answer this question themselves, without the need for contacting a customer support rep.

Trackr allows online business owners to add an order tracking page to their stores in a few simple steps and provide their customers with real-time updates from 900+ couriers worldwide. The result? Reduced amount of unnecessary inquiries and improved customer experience – it’s a win-win situation.

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With a focus on SMS marketing, VertexSMS is a universal tool for businesses that understand the importance of seamless communication. Since 2006, it’s been keeping an eye on the latest industry trends and technological developments to be able to offer its clients a solution that helps achieve their goals.

VertexSMS is equipped with such features as bulk SMS that you can use to reach thousands of people at once, two-factor authentication for security purposes, two-way communication for better engagement, and the ability to connect with customers through a web browser, for your convenience.

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