Benefit from a wide range of SMS marketing features

Text messages can be used for way more than just chatting.
SMS Marketing Campaigns - Senderium

SMS Marketing Campaigns

No matter what you want to pass to your customers, be it promotions, discounts, or updates, SMS marketing campaigns let you do it in an easy, timely manner.

SMS automations - Senderium


Don’t waste your time planning all your campaigns. Set up our automations with a few clicks and let us take care of the rest.

Link Shorteners - Senderium

Link Shorteners

Everyone loves using UTM links. Problem is that they are too long to put in SMS. But no worries, we got you covered!

SMS Scheduling - Senderium

SMS Scheduling

Will there be a new item added to your shop tomorrow? Prepare for it by scheduling you campaigns in advance.

How SMS Can Help Your Business

Deals and Coupons

Whether it's promotions, discounts, or updates, SMS marketing lets you reach everyone instantaneously.

Keep Customers in the Loop

Is that long-awaited product finally in stock? Let your customers know and encourage them to come back to your store.

Personal Alerts

Notify users about notification and account updates.

Quick Access to Information

Inform your customers who don’t visit website frequently.

Encourage Customers to Come Back

Create automations for abandoned checkout to prevent losing customers.

Send Visual Information

Increase customer engagement by making text messages more interactive with MMS messages.

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